WÓdka vodka

Wódka Vodka is made in the traditional Polish way, from the finest Polish rye and grown on the distillery’s estate. It is one of the few “grain-to-glass” distilleries remaining in Poland. Distilled five times and charcoal filtered twice, this traditionally crafted vodka possesses a distinct flavor of notably high quality. Great for every occasion: neat, on the rocks or in a great cocktail whether at home or in a bar near you.As the vodka of Poland, Wódka Vodka is a leader in the evolving category of "quality for value" spirits brands.

In 2015, Wódka Vodka was awarded with a 92 point, “Best Buy” rating from the coveted Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago. Wódka Vodka is also consistently a gold medal winning vodka, which speaks to the quality of the brand.