vega medien cava

Vega Medien produces quality Cava sparkling wines in the Valencia region of Spain. The wine estate in Requena dates back over 2,000 years, to the cultivation of the vine and wine consumption of the Iberian period in the seventh century BC. This history speaks to the tradition of the grower, knowledge of the area land, excellent treatment of the vineyards, and allows them to get excellent quality grapes.

Requena is located within the Province of Valencia , 70 km away from the Mediterranean Sea, with an increasing altitude ranging from 700-900 meters at its highest point. On a plateau, circular perimeter of 45 kilometers in diameter, is the only plain interior within Valencia.

This geographical location creates the highland climate, which is Mediterranean with continental characteristics as well, greatly influenced by altitude and distance to the sea, which differs from that of the rest of the winters of the lands of Valencia. Winter in these lands is cold and very long, sometimes reaching 15 degrees below zero. In contrast, summers are short, hot, with dry days and cool nights, due to the east wind that begins to blow in mid- afternoon until late evening.

Thanks to this climate, geography, tradition, and know-how of its people, Vega Medien produces white grapes of superb quality, that retain subtle and complex aromas and berries that contain the essence of the Valencian people.