American Northwest Distributors, Inc. (ANW) was founded in 2003 by Oleg Fedechkin. His love of fine wine and food, his extended residence in Spain, and a combination of coincidences that landed him in Seattle, are all to blame for our company's modest beginnings.


Starting over at age 42, Oleg, my dad, was approached by a friend from Spain who wanted to export wine to the US. With almost no experience in alcohol sales, but a strong aptitude for logistics, and a lifelong pursuit of fine wine and spirits, he imported a container of inexpensive Spanish wine. He made up a price sheet, and hit the streets of Seattle and Bellevue as a burgeoning food and dining culture was emerging. He had a vision for making this a family business, and one night over dinner proposed just that, "I want to make a family-business. It will be fun and interesting!"


Indeed, it has been. We spent five years as a self-distributing importer of Spanish and Portuguese wine, slowly adding to our book based on people who came knocking. I dabbled in different aspects of the organization, earning my way through a degree in International Business - convinced I would probably end up doing something else - but after four years, my eyes were opened. I fell in love with wine, and the places and people from around the world who put their heart and soul into every bottle. Then I realized, this wasn't just some job, we were building something with real potential.


In 2008, everyone was selling high-end wines, when suddenly things came to a screeching halt. Everything changed. Buyers wanted value - the same high quality, but at a much better price. Our Portuguese and Spanish portfolio sales exploded. And we figured out something very important: there is so much value available out there, we just needed to find it and deliver it.  So, that's what we do. American Northwest Distributors imports and distributes fine wine and craft spirits that are produced with integrity, by real people, from around the world; we over-deliver on quality for the price, bringing value at every price point.


We have an exceptional, diverse portfolio of fine wine craft spirits, ciders and beer. We look forward to working with you.


Anton Fedechkin
American Northwest Distributors

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