Leah Jorgensen is a fifteen-year wine industry veteran making expressive interpretations of France’s Loire Valley wines centered around Cabernet Franc grown in Southern Oregon.

“I focus on site selection, first, working almost exclusively with vineyards in the Rogue and Applegate Valleys, save for a small lot of Gamay Noir coming from the up-and-coming region off of Perrydale Road near Salem in the Willamette Valley, and then I take a close look at what the vintage is giving me to determine how I will finesse each wine lot.  I’m lucky to work with incredible growers who understand the significance of managing the vineyard to address the specific chemistries of Cabernet Franc I wish to enhance or limit – in particular, the levels of bell pepper, vegetal chemical compounds called methoxypyrazines.  I’m after the softer, more fruit driven side of Cabernet Franc, where the more savory qualities of the wine arise as secondary or tertiary components, and where the Loire expression of woody characters like sweet tobacco, cedar, smoke, and pencil shavings, and herbal notes of anise and tarragon also come through.”

Jorgensen’s career in the wine industry began in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, where she grew up. Her passion for the Loire Valley stemmed from her experience working for the wholesale company that represented Louis Dressner Selections, a fine wine importer based in New York.   Leah sold these wines to international embassies, fine dining restaurants, and retail shops in the Nation’s Capital.  She fondly remembers working the DC market with Joe Dressner and his extraordinary Loire Valley portfolio.