Lallier Champagne

The Lallier Family has been in Aÿ for over five generations. In 1996, James Lallier bought the winery of René Brun and started his own brand, thus Champagne René James Lallier was born. A new building was erected over the original late-18th-century cellar. In 2003, Monsieur Lallier retired and Monsieur Francis Tribaut took the reins at the estate, located at “4 place de la Libération,” in the heart of Aÿ. This medium-size house now produces around 350,000 bottles, allowing them to focus on making distinctive wines of character.

Lallier’s vineyards cover 12 hectares (30 acres) on as many as 43 plots. They have four hectares (10 acres) in the Marne Valley and eight hectares (20 acres) classified as “Grand Cru,” of which five (12.5 acres) are found in the prestigious Aÿ and three (7.5 acres) in the Côte des Blancs. The state-of-the-art winery holds 1,800 HL in stainless-steel tanks and 600 HL in traditional vats. Wines are bottled after blending in spring and then have time – at least 36 months for all the Grand Cru cuvées – to rest in their cellars where they reach ideal maturity before being consumed. Only Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are used for the whole of the Lallier range. Our house style centers around bottling with cork and clamp during the second fermentation, as was customary in the old days. The René-James Lallier vault holds over 750,000 bottles stored in pallet crates, and their cuvees requiring ageing are stored in their 18th-century chalk cellars.