domaine Michel lafarge

Domaine Lafarge is situated in the heart of the village of Volnay and produces some of the finest red wines in Burgundy. Michel Lafarge took over from his father in 1949 and was joined by his son Frédéric in 1978. Frédéric carries on the family tradition and is a very humble, thoughtful person with a deep respect for nature. He is very conscious of his inheritance and believes that the best wines are made when the vigneron learns to work in harmony with the soil and the vine, adapting to the different conditions of each vintage to produce wines which express the subtle nuances of terroir.

Biodynamic principles have been adopted in the vineyard and winemaking follows very traditional methods with very little new oak being used. The wines are handled as gently as possible and are allowed to speak for themselves – they are wonderfully aromatic and balanced with subtle flavours and the capacity for some very serious ageing if one has the patience.