cognac park

Since 1880 the Tessendier & Fils distillery has been a part of Cognac’s history, and a standard-bearer for the its boundless potential. The collection now known as ‘Cognacs Park’ was created to honour the memory of a Scot who fell in love with our region, bearing the name and the crest of arms of this pioneer who devoted his life to the quest for a nectar of flawless elegance and refinement.

The Cognacs of Maison Park are now enjoyed all over the world, stocked by the leading wine merchants and served at the finest restaurants. The Park name has become a familiar friend to Cognac connoisseurs, offering the promise of a truly unique tasting experience, a moment of pure indulgence which never fails to live up to expectations.

Indifferent to clichés and wary of received wisdoms, the many fans of Cognacs Park are connoisseurs in the truest sense of the word: admirers of authentic quality, for whom nothing beats that precious, shared moment of enjoyment when the time finally comes to savour the intense flavours of a Park Cognac – the delicacy of the Borderies, the complexity of the XO, the rich power of the Vieille Grande Champagne...

With the benefit of a gifted expertise inherited from their history, Jérôme and Lilian TESSENDIER, fourth-generation Cellar Masters, continue to develop the company and bring in turn an exemplary know-how to the art of blending, which they devotedly practice together.

From the great variety of eaux-de-vie produced, Jérôme and Lilian subtly blend with feelings and emotions, step by step, up to three hundred eaux-de-vie each year to create one outstanding Cognac, whose rarity is only exceeded by its distinctive originality.