Bellewood Distilling

BelleWood Distilling in Lynden, Washington is a true "farm-to-glass" distillery, producing vodka, brandy, gin, and liqueurs. Their spirits are hand crafted in small batches from the finest farm products grown in Washington. From their own orchard at BelleWood Acres, to locally grown berries from their neighbors, to the fine grains of Washington, premium quality products in their stills means premium quality in your glass.  


They produce their unique Gin, by marrying a combination of seven botanicals with their apple based spirits. This gives a light and refreshing taste to the final product. Enjoy this new Pacific Northwest style of Gin on the rocks, with a little tonic and a twist of lime or be a little more adventurous and blend with fresh apple cider.


Their Vodka is uniquely made from some of the finest and most succulent apples grown in Northwest Washington State.


This old world style Apple Brandy will take you back to a much forgotten time of speakeasies, flapper dresses and tommy gun toting gangsters in pinstriped suits.