AbadÍa Retuerta

Wines from the Duero Valley in Spain

“Extreme climate, complex terroir”

The Duero Valley is home to some of Spain's top wines. In this region, winters are cold and summers baking hot, there are sharp temperature differences between day and night; sunshine is plentiful and rain is scarce, creating the ideal conditions for grape growing. The river basin where their vines grow is the product of thousands of years of erosion, alluvium, sedimentations and changes in soil composition. This has created a very diverse terroir in this unique wine region, where the texture, the proportion of minerals and water absorbed or retained by each plot in the estate varies.

“A philosophy based on winemaking by plot”

The philosophy at Abadía Retuerta is based on winemaking by plot. The composition of the soil of each of their 54 plots is different: clay by the riverbank, pebbles and sand on the slopes, gravel in the lower parts of the estate, and limestone on the higher ground … Therefore, each terroir contains only one grape variety, which is carefully selected to extract the best the land has to offer to make Spain's top wines.

“A mosaic of vines”

The vineyards extend along the North-facing slopes, climbing from the river bank to heights of up to 850 metres. This difference in altitude, together with the different soil types, creates variations in the yield from each vineyard and, therefore, grapes with very different characteristics. Working with vines that are now more than twenty years old, they have gradually brought their wines to maturity. During this time they have grown to know each of the vineyards of the estate in detail, studied their characteristics, and planted the grape varieties best suited to each soil type.

“We make technology serve tradition”

Abadía Retuerta winery is one of the most advanced in Europe. In order to reduce their processes and be more careful and respectful when handling the fruit of the vine, they have designed and patented an ecological, gravity-led winemaking method. The result is a more natural, gentler processing of the grapes. Just like the cave that was built hundreds of years ago by the monks who came before, their ageing cellar has also been dug out of the mountain to ensure natural temperature control and energy savings. In their pursuit of excellence to produce the top wines of Spain, they are also strongly committed to technology, research and innovation.